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Roof Referrals Program Description

Do you know someone who needs roofing or siding repairs or replacement? We want to earn their business, and pay you for referring us through our roofing referrals program. 

Our roofing referrals program is very straight forward:

  • Earn a $50 gift card for any referral that results in a roof or siding repair contract
  • Earn $250 CASH for any referral that results in a roof or siding replacement contract

And the process is very simple…

  1. Submit your referral form
  2. We’ll contact the prospective customer
  3. When the project is complete, you get paid!

Insurance claims are welcome. There is no limit to the number of referral rewards you can earn. 

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Referrals Program Terms & Conditions

We want this program to be fair and easy to use. Please read the terms below to better understand how it works:

  • A referral is customer who has not yet been in contact with Legacy Exteriors
  • You may not refer yourself or your own home. If you are a previous customer of Legacy Exteriors, you may refer a second home or property
  • A reward is earned once the project is complete, the customer has signed their Certificate of Satisfaction and paid their final invoice
  • Minimum purchase to qualify for repair rewards is $1,000
  • Minimum purchase to qualify for replacement rewards is $5,000
  • We reserve the right to reject referrals at our sole discrestion

We highly recommend that you use the form below to submit your referrals, as it helps in documenting and tracking your rewards.

~Referral Form~

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